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3-on-3 hockey is an opportunity to work on the skill development of older, more experienced players and provides the following benefits:
  • Opportunity to touch the puck more often
  • Easier for instructors to teach offensive and defensive awareness which players will be able to translate back into 5 on 5 play during their season.
  • Conditioning

More time and space allows players to build on:
  • Understanding and improving team puck possession
  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Skating

Statistics provided by Calgary Hockey Development (peewee level) indicate that players will have the
puck on their stick for an average of 8 seconds per game and will take 1-2 shots per game.

"A single, 1-hour practice will provide a player with more skill development time than 11 games!"

Black Elk 3-on-3 camps include 7 ½ hours of ice time over a 5 day period in 1 ½ hour sessions. Each session is one-third fast paced, high tempo, junior style drills plus two-thirds 3-on-3 controlled scrimmages.

*All Camps have limited enrollment *Register early to avoid disappointment

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