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Black Elk Hockey Camp offers week-long day camps for males and females approximately 6 to 15 years of age. Players are grouped according to age and level played in their most recent season. Day Camp programs provide a wide variety of activity both on and off the ice.

On Ice

Players take part in both a power skating as well as skills session each day. Instruction and development are provided in skating technique, balance, acceleration, starting and stopping. Players also receive skills instruction in stickhandling, passing, pass-receiving and shooting.

Off Ice

Skill development offered through a variety of activities that help with agility, balance, coordination and speed. Programs are based on age and skill level and focus on fun activities that support the development and/or improvement of fundamental movement and sport skills.

Chalk Talk

Short, interactive and educational classroom sessions that cover topics such as defensive, neutral and offensive play; team play, as well as nutrition and lifestyle choices. Younger groups will have sessions on equipment and rules.

Game Time

Players will have the chance to put their skills to work in two, controlled scrimmages scheduled throughout the week as well as a final game on the last day of their camp.


Optional Shooting and Defence clinics are available to participants registered in our Day Camps. Each clinic provides 4, one-hour ice sessions scheduled throughout the week. Participants attend all four sessions and may register in a maximum of 2 clinics.
Clinic sessions are scheduled either before or after day camp hours. Please note that there may be blocks of time between the day camp and the clinics. Parents are responsible for their child during that break.


Age/Level Requirement: Must be at least 8 years old.
Shooting clinics work to improve speed and accuracy of shots. Emphasis is placed on technique, speed and accuracy of wrist, backhand, snap, flip and slapshots.


Age/Level Requirement: Must be at least 10 years old.
Players will learn skating techniques specific to the position as well as one-on-one play, play in front of the net, corner play, pinning and other aspects of defensive and team play.

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